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История предприятия

History of the creation of the plant begins with the founding of the mechanical workshops Carl Antonovich Pitch in 1898 in Tiraspol, Kherson province.

In October 1924, workshops were reorganized into large, for the time, casting and mechanical plant. The main products have equipment for mills and dairies, for the wine and canning industries.

Since 1961, the main type of product becomes equipment for precision casting, injection molding and press-forging equipment. Improving technology, carrying out modernization, developing new products, the factory has become a leading developer and manufacturer of equipment for precision casting in the CIS.

"Litmash" quickly grew into a major producer of injection molding equipment, injection molding machines and shoe lines, supplying the market of the former Soviet Union, about 95% of the machines for injection molding with locking force up to 4000 kN.

In an effort to best meet the demands of the market and the highest customer requirements, "Litmash" in its operations successfully solves all the problems.

Today "Litmash" firmly on the position increasing production capacities through the use of market opportunities, actively develops and strengthens its position, developing new types of products.

Building alliances with Western partners is one of the most important areas of cooperation for the development and successful in the global market.

JSC "Litmash" has adopted modern technology, new methods of logistics, marketing, research and development of technical and economically reasonable recommendations.

Successful implementation of advanced integrated solutions made ​​of "Litmash" stable partner in the global and domestic market.

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