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Regulation on the annual competition for dealers

1 Annual All-Russian competition for the best materials in the media about the work of the prosecution is conducted by the General Prosecutor of the Russian Federation in order to improve the interaction of the Procuracy of the Russian Federation with the media, activation of objective and comprehensive coverage of the prosecution, as well as increase their authority in society . 
2 The general management of the Contest (the selection of materials, selection of the winners) by the Commission summarizing the results of the Competition. 
3 The competition involved employees of the central and regional mass media registered in the manner prescribed by law (except those media whose registration is not available), as well as freelance writers who submitted the published material on the activities of the Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation (with the exception of employees of prosecutors). In providing competitive materials they must be complied with the requirements of copyright, publishing rights, and intellectual property. 
4 The competition is held every year, from October 1 of the calendar year to 13 January of the following year, and takes place in two stages.

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