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Hardware capabilities

Mechanical Production: 
Drilling: items weighing up to 35 tons. Dimensions of the table to 1250h4660 mm spindle diameter 90-200 mm. 
Milling: items weighing up to 25 tons. Table dimensions 2500h8000 mm. 
Hobbing: hobbing machines - maximum parameters M (module) = 12, diameter up to 1000 mm and weight up to 5 tons. 
Grinding (max): grinding traverse (up to 10 tons, table sizes 1100h1000h4000 mm); with a circular feed (diameter 800 mm, length 6000 mm, weight up to 4 tons) and internal grinding (hole diameter 300 mm, length 1200 mm, weight up to 5 tons). 
Threading: parts up to 1250 mm in diameter and weighing up to 13 tons. 
Turning, boring, drilling, machining parts such as bodies of rotation. 
Production of hydraulic cylinders by rolling (seal the inner surfaces) with a diameter up to 400 mm in length up to 2300mm, operating pressure up to 200atm
Horizontal Boring Machine WD (Skoda) - maximum parameters 4000h2500h2000 mm, weight up to 30 tons. 
Chrome (powder), chrome-plated inner and outer surfaces. 
Litmash developed for chromium plating bath products lengths. 
External chrome columns. 
Dip galvanized steel products. 
Chemical oxidation of steel products. 
Blank production: 
Thermal cutting, including gas and plasma cutting with CNC plates. 
Guillotine shears for cutting boards. 
Bending of pipes and sheet metal. 
Straightening plates and sheets, gas welding under protective gas at 500A including semiautomatic machines. 
Gas welding under protective gas at 500A including semiautomatic machines. 
Design Bureau: 
A strong team of highly skilled, highly competent design engineers. 
Computer-aided design.

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