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About Us

"Correctly set a goal - then half to reach it" - this motto was the motto of the Tiraspol factory casting machines Kirov ("LITMASH") for more than 110 years, beginning in 1898 the base.

      During this time, our factory has grown rapidly into a major equipment manufacturer of injection molding, injection molding and shoe lines in the former Soviet Union. Devoted to the idea of professional skills, "LITMASH" successfully solved all the tasks, working in the peak years of the industrial activity of more than 1000 units per year. And in our time, we continue to give special attention to meeting the customer's requirements, designing and producing world-class production equipment and providing additional services .

        Vision: From Capacity Building to the competitive excellence.

        Mission: JSC "LITMASH" - an innovative center of Transnistria.

        Objectives: To become an attractive employer and a reliable business partner.

      We believe that this goal is realistic and feasible. It can be reached only in a like-minded team. Believe in the potential of the young generation.

      If you have a desire to fulfill your potential, you are full of ideas and ready to work in a team - we'll be glad to see you in our company. We are actively seeking ways of strengthening their position by creating alliances with Western partners to remain at the forefront of modern technology.

      Today "LITMASH" is firmly in position by means of a capital increase market opportunities that await him in the new millennium. Our competitiveness is based on the following: Convenient location in the heart of Europe, and easy access to the European and world markets. Excellent reputation as a recognized leader in the field of injection under pressure in the former Soviet Union. Equity design, engineering, manufacture and assembly of the equipment. highly skilled workers, engineering and technical personnel. most competitive "cheap" base salary, with a highly qualified labor force. obsession team of workers and employees in the work and the commitment to produce machinery and equipment injection molding world class. Strict focus on meeting the needs and demands of consumers. Good experience in transportation of machinery and equipment across borders. Demonstrated ability to work together with the Western Union World companies.

OJSC Litmash

3300 MD, Moldova, г. Tiraspol, str.. Sakriera, d. 2-B

Comercial department tel./fax: +373 (533) 9-40-97
tel./fax: +373 (533) 9-50-48